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We provide our end-to-end service for any of the species supported through our imputation software: human, dogs, cats, cattle, mice, corn, soy and rice.

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How it works

Library preparation

Our library preparation method was developed specifically for low-pass sequencing. It is automated, resource efficient, and requires low amounts of input DNA. An optional capture step allows the addition of targeted genomic regions at high coverage.


We perform low-pass shotgun sequencing at 0.4 to 1x coverage using the latest Illumina and BGI technology. This results in an average of 50 times more measurements per genome than genotyping technologies.

Imputation & data analysis

We developed imputation algorithms for sequencing data to call variants across the whole genome with high accuracy (average imputation r2 over 0.9). Additionally, our standard data analysis includes ancestry and microbiome profiling of every sample.

Pricing reference for humans

The prices listed below reflect a genome size of approximately 3, 300Mb. Price includes DNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing, imputation and analysis. Contact us for pricing in other supported species like cattle, pig, maize, soybean, rice, dog, mouse and rat.

What our solutions include:
Illumina $50

Move from genotyping arrays to sequencing


Illumina GSA


Data files: Imputed VCF file**, BAM file
Other results: Ancestry analysis, Microbiome, Novel variant discovery***

Illumina $90

Increase your power to discover new genetic variation


Affymetrix Biobank
Illumina 2.5M
Affymetrix Axiom


Data files: Imputed VCF file**, BAM file
Other results: Ancestry analysis, Microbiome, Novel variant discovery***


With BGI DNBseq

1X coverage for $75

4X coverage for $149

Learn more about the
product here

Price based on a minimum batch of 500 samples. Volume discounts available.
* Low-pass sequencing provides measurements at random sites in the genome that are covered by at least one sequencing read
** Imputation is based on the 1000 Genomes Phase 3 or HRC
*** Available for large cohorts

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If you have questions or custom requirements reach out to us

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We regularly process genomic DNA, saliva, and blood samples. Let us know if your samples are from other sources and we'll work with you to get them processed. Saliva samples can be collected using most commercial saliva collection kits or saliva collection swabs. Genomic DNA can be provided in standard 96-well plates or microcentrifuge tubes.

See here for detailed sample submission guidelines.

Results are returned within 6-8 weeks from the time samples arrive in our lab. Let us know if you have special requirements for turnaround time and we'll work with you to make sure your samples are done on time!

All customers get access to our data management website (https://web.gencove.com), where sample status can be tracked all the way from sample acceptance by our lab to delivery-ready data. In addition to the website, users can monitor sample status and automate data delivery by integrating with our REST API (https://docs.gencove.com).

Data can be accessed via the Gencove data management website or REST API. For downloading data in bulk, we recommend using the API or our command-line tool (https://docs.gencove.com/main/#the-gencove-cli).

Absolutely! You can use the API to track sample status and automate data delivery. Check out the docs here: https://docs.gencove.com

We always use the latest Illumina and BGI sequencing machines. Depending on the specifics of your project, we'll use Illumina (NovaSeq, HiSeq X, NextSeq) or BGI (DNBseq) sequencers.